For the widespread of the Czech literature

The Czech Book Award


The jury is composed of seven people representing three professions related to books: academics, literary translators and booksellers. The eighth member is the previous year winner.

Academics provide the jury with a dimension combining the study of the literary qualities of the books, the depth and the long term.

Literary translators are the best placed to assess whether we can bring a book to other languages (and, incidentally, to other cultures) without diminishing its strength.

Being closer to the readers, booksellers anticipate the most of their expectations and needs.


Literary translators:


Hedvika Vydrová Mihad Mujanović Hana Andrášová
Michal Jareš Sjarhej Smatryčenka Monika Dušková
Radim Kopáč

Former members of the jury:

 Petr A. Bílek (2012-16)
Miroslav Zelinský (2012-2016)
Jiří Zizler (2012-2016)
Petr Mikeš (2012-13)
Jiří Našinec (2012-13)
Adin Ljuca (2014)

Shortlisted books

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